If You Engage in Social Media – Do It Mindfully

We have all been there, checking our Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter feeds only to find we have fallen deep into the rabbit hole of the social media allure. It’s especially hard to stop when feel-good hormones are released throughout the process – we are hard-wired to respond to social rewards so we experience surges in dopamine that are similar to getting the high from drugs, gambling, or a eating a sugary desert. With thousands of ‘friends’ and countless photos to comment on, it seems obvious where the term ‘social media’ got it’s name- but it turns out it really isn’t that social after all. The research is clear, the more time spent on social media platforms, the more likely we a

10 Things to Lift You Up on a Rainy Day

It’s rainy season in California and, unless you’re a skier, the weather can really put a damper on our mood and activity level. If you’re feeling the effects of our dreary January, here are ten things you can do to boost your spirits: Hint- these are also great for those metaphorically rainy days too! 1) Cozy Up: it’s only natural to feel like the weather is inviting us to stay indoors - so grab your favorite blanket, a warm cup of tea and snuggle up on the couch. What better excuse for practicing the art of doing nothing? 2) Complete a Project: growing up in Toronto, I was always taught to take advantage of every nice day by getting outside. The same can be true of the rainy days! A rainy

Not a Morning Person? Here’s how to find a morning routine that works for you!

Several years ago, a friend brought me to a topical study group that she regularly attended. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it, as the general premise was not something I would typically be interested in, however, the topic for that day ended up literally being a life changer for me. We sat down together and the facilitator asked us to close our eyes and consider what our typical morning looks like. For me, that generally meant pushing snooze multiple times, then jumping out of bed in a panic and rushing to get out the door without any breakfast. Needless to say, just thinking about it brought up feelings of anxiety! Next, the facilitator asked us to spend some time imagining and journ

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