I know my childhood impacted me, but what can I do about it now?

​​As children, we grow up within a wide range of contexts, but one thing seems common for all of us - childhood is nearly never perfect. From minor wounds to traumatic experiences, we all know by now that our early years are large contributors to how we function in the world as adults. Knowing is one thing, but how can we turn that knowledge into a tool for growth and emotional health? Best selling author, Robin Berman, M.D., shares her tools for Moving on From an Imperfect Childhood.

Ever Wonder what Social Media is Really Doing for You?

We've all heard that social media can be the culprit of comparison, envy and sometimes even depression, but it doesn't have to drag you down. In fact, staying mindfully active on social media has some great benefits. Check them out on this infographic from Happify Daily: How to Stay Happy on Social Media.

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