What Exactly is a 'Dry January' Anyway?

Drinking can be a big part of people's lives and in many different ways. Maybe you are a social drinker, enjoying the feeling of being loosened up in social situations, or perhaps you have had a long history of problematic drinking. Either way, drinking is so ingrained in our culture that people have started a trend of having a 'dry January'. What is this, you ask? Sort of like doing a diet detox or a juice cleanse, a dry January is meant to take a break from drinking to refresh your system and (often) help stick to weight loss resolutions. But a dry January can actually be a whole lot more eye opening than you think. Find out what you can expect from this experiment and why it could be much

The Stories we Tell Ourselves May be Outdated!

We all have histories and we may find ourselves inevitably carrying these around with us no matter how far into the future we have moved (hence the popular metaphor of lugging around baggage). Past heartbreak, abuse, and failure can all be re-triggered and have the potential to drag us back to old ways of coping. The good news is, just like working to change a negative reputation, we have the power to create new stories for ourselves to help create the futures we hope for.

"Failure is the Condiment that gives Success its Flavor"

This title captured me the instant I read it (and maybe it did for you too). No matter how hard we try, nobody is immune to failure, and yet most of us are petrified to experience it. How we react in the face of failure can greatly define our feelings and the next direction we take. Choosing to make a different choice is not weakness and staying the course may not always be the right move. As the author points out, "If there’s a smooth path that you can walk on, why climb over rocks?”. Check out why this author sees "failure is a form of success".

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