A heartfelt read, FULL of wisdom!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Author and Yoga Instructor, Kimber Simpkins. From the moment I picked up her book, I was mesmerized by the thoughtful, witty writing and Kimber's incredible honesty. For anyone who has ever struggled with eating and body image issues, or just a search for fulfillment, I highly recommend this read. http://www.kimberyoga.com/full/

4 'Easy' Ways to Avoid Relationship Turmoil

We are all prone to certain actions in relationships that push our partners away instead of bringing us closer together. Here, Sara McKeown describes the "Four Horseman of the Apocalypse" from the work of couple's therapy guru, John Gottman. http://www.elephantjournal.com/2012/12/four-habits-that-signal-relationship-doom-sara-mckeown/

Freshman 15 - Triggers for Emotional Eating in Students

We have all undoubtably heard of the 'freshman 15', a catchy phrase to describe the tendency of college students to gain weight in their first year away at school. As common as the term may be, the experience for each individual facing the challenge of overeating is much more impactful. Here, Michelle May provides some tips for students in how to manage this challenge. http://amihungry.com/articles/freshman-15/?inf_contact_key=c387348590be31f7d1ae580100b02ac5f65d8e13ef7f96a1415b6528496e5537

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