A Look at What we are Teaching Boys and Men About Masculinity

I went to see a screening of The Mask You Live In last night and was immediately taken in by the thoughtful subject matter. The producer did a fantastic job of highlighting how parenting styles, childhood trauma, cultural pressures and technology are setting boys up to mask their true selves and fall into depression, rage, addiction and the criminal justice system. I think everyone should watch this today! http://therepresentationproject.org/films/the-mask-you-live-in/

"Thanks for the Anxiety, Grandma: Epigenetics and Mental Illness"

Professionals in the field of trauma and mental health have known for some time that they are caused by real, physical changes in our brain chemistry. I personally love the concept that the 'emotional' is actually physical because for most of our clients, it is much easier to understand and accept something that we can see. The field of epigenetics adds a fascinating component to the nature/nurture conversation as explained in this article from Boston University. http://bunewsservice.com/thanks-for-the-anxiety-grandma-epigenetics-and-mental-illness/

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