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Lindsay Goodlin

Clinical Social Work Fellow, UC Berkeley

Masters of Social Work, University of Toronto

B.A. Psychology, Minor: Sociology, York University

About Me

We all face challenges in our lives and sometimes we need some extra support to help us overcome them. I moved to the Bay Area (from Toronto) in my early twenties without knowing a soul. It was the most exciting and also challenging time in my life. I navigated my career, dating, and relationships; all while facing the same pressures that most of us women face today. I understand feeling pulled in different directions, competing priorities, and anxieties about living up to  high expectations (usually our own). 

Through my career and personal exploration, I came to discover the incredible benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation. I use a Mindfulness based approach in my work because I have seen it help so many people to be more present, intentional and content in their lives (myself included!). 

In working with me, you will find that I am compassionate, non-judgemental, direct and honest. I will help you recognize and build up your inherent strengths (yes you have them), give you coping strategies, and help you to make space for more adaptive ways of relating to the world. I am also a big believer in the healing power of humor so don't be surprised if we end up having a laugh every once in a while. 

This year I am honored to be the recipient of the 2018 San Francisco Award for Counseling & Mental Health. 

"Success as a therapist is not found in doing something for the client,
but rather in being someone for the client." -Rivera Walter
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